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SwapQuest is out on the App Store and Google Play



After almost two years of work, SwapQuest is finally available on the App Store and Google Play!
Click on the images to get to the respective store.








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SwapQuest at Casual Connect Europe

SwapQuest has been invited to the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect Europe in Amsterdam next week! I will be showing the game there for three days, hopefully talking to a lot of people from the press to promote the release, which will be at the end of February. If you should be at the venue, make sure to come over and say hello.

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SwapQuest Beta Update

The beta is officially over and I’ve started implementing some of the excellent suggestions I got.

One complaint I often got over the course of the development is that you can’t tell the character to turn around and go the other direction (you can only choose a path when you reach a fork). I was a little afraid, that this might make the player too powerful and that the game would become super easy. But now that I’ve played it for over 20 hours, I think the difficulty lies (and should lie) elsewhere and not in the controls. To get to the point, you can now change directions whenever you stop your character, as you can see below.
Another thing that has been requested multiple times has been added: tapping instead of swiping to choose a direction. Now both works.


The next changes all affect...

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SwapQuest Devlog04 – Progress Bar

I’ve implemented a progress bar today that shows you how far you’ve come in the level, as some folks have been wondering about that as they played. Not as exciting as a boss battle, but a neat new feature (which you can also disable in the options if you don’t need it).

For those of you that are wondering why the marker on the bar is not moving constantly: the progress is determined by the rows of tiles that have left the screen, so only then a new progress value is calculated.

I’ve also been working more on the first boss, especially the balancing of the difficulty, as I kept losing.

Here’s a longer gif showing what it will be like to fight him (although the actual strategy is not revealed…)

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SwapQuest Devlog03 – Status Effects

I made a little gif showing all the status effects that are currently in the game.

Paralysis: randomly paralyses you when moving or in battle
Confusion: the hero will randomly choose a direction at forks and you cannot stop him
Blindness: the hero has a 50% chance of missing the enemy
Poison: the hero loses some life from time to time

I also made some changes to the way the hero reacts when a tile is swapped right in front of him (before you weren’t allowed to swap tiles that the hero wants to walk on). Additionally, the character now stops immediately when touched (before he would walk to the center of the next tile first, but that confused A LOT of people).

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SwapQuest Devlog02 – The Dark Forest

Finally I can show you something new. It’s the vine that grows from the Moonlight Flower in the Dark Forest. It slowly grows over the level and creates a new flower eventually. The vine can be cut by the hero, though.

Hope you like it. :)

Also there’s a strange hole that emits an even stranger mist that you should avoid. A strong enemy emerges near those holes. It is invisible as long as you don’t fight it, but you can still see its shadow on the ground.

There is a mysterious eye that appears out of nowhere and you have to touch it fast enough before it disappears again to get some extra jewels.

When I was not working on the actual game I had some more fun with this:

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SwapQuest Devlog01

Today I want to show you more about the class system in SwapQuest.

In total there will be 5 classes in SwapQuest: the noble, the rogue, the fighter, and two classes that are still a secret. I’ll give you a brief description of the different classes to show their roles in the game and how they influence the way you (can) play the game.

In general, every class has three forms, an initial form that you start the adventure with and two subsequent evolutions.

Let’s start with the most basic ‘beginner’ class.

1. The Noble

Evolution: Noble Prince/Princess King/Queen
The noble class is a very balanced class with no big disadvantages, but also nothing it is exceptionally good at...

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Indie Speed Run: Sleepless Growth Post Mortem

After my horrible attempt to create a space adventure for the Ludum Dare earlier this year, I decided to give it another go in the Indie Speed Run, a Game Jam with actual prizes, in which you can choose when you want to start the 48h time limit by hitting on a big GO button.

The first day: Physical depression

As usual I already had a rough idea what I wanted to make before starting the timer. This is not very smart, as you get a theme and a mandatory element for your game as soon as you hit the GO button, so you most likely have to come up with something new anyway.
My theme was “Growth” and my element “Coffee”. While I really liked the theme, the element seemed kind of random...

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ScapeGhost DevLog02 – One last thing before it’s finished

I’m just about to add the last finishing touches to ScapeGhost and I’m at a point where I worked so hard on the game that I’m beginning to doubt whether it’s actually any good. :/

But apart from that, it all seems to come together. My ToDo list is almost empty and I’m planning to submit the final version tomorrow after playing through it one more time, hopefully finishing it 100%.

The last things I added were:

  • A final boss: a giant robot that hunts the player and has three different attacks. The player can only win the battle by throwing its bullets back at it.
  • An intro: it shows how the protagonist lost his head and introduces the prison.
  • More music: finally the awesome soundtrack by André Weiß is complete...
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ScapeGhost DevLog01 – This… is almost finished!

Hey there everyone,

I’m really lazy when it comes to writing to actual people (whereas I love writing fiction), but still I decided to breathe some life into this neglected blog and keep anyone interested updated on my current game projects.
From now on, every week at least one new entry shall be made and I really want to stick to this rule as much as I hope YOU stick around (more bad puns will definitely follow, it’s my destiny).

As most likely nobody may have noticed, I’m writing this entry not as buttoned up and ‘professional’ as previous ones and that’s simply because I think it’s useless to imitate a style that really doesn’t feel natural. So from now on I write the way my brain comes up with stuff without wanting to sound nice all the time.

But enough of that, let’s get to the topic,...

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