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The Big Indie Pitch and Gamescom week

This week has been really exciting, as there were two big events coming up: first the Big Indie Pitch on Tuesday, which was sponsored by Sega, and second the Gamescom, which I haven’t been to for five years.

The Big Indie Pitch

The organizers of the Big Indie Pitch seemed to like leaving its attendees in the dark, as the only info I got was that I will be pitching my iOS game SwapQuest to ten journalists (from PocketGamer, TouchGen, Making Games, etc.) in some kind of speed dating manner.
As this was the first time I pitched a game to anyone, I was really nervous. I ran around Cologne for two hours just to walk off my tension and at the time the event started I was calm (or maybe exhausted) enough to enjoy it...

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And then…

So, the time has come. Almost.

I filed in my diploma thesis on Wednesday and my head is in a permanent state of overflow since then. There’s so much to do and so much to organize, like

  • in the case I go ‘indie’
    • register a business
    • request welfare to bridge the lack of income
    • polish this website and all the public channels
    • start finishing game projects
    • publish them on Android
  • else
    • look for an employment or an internship in a video game company

I have to admit that I really would like to make my own games in a small team, but as I have no seed capital, this is going to be hard (especially as I don’t know how much money I will get from the state).

The good news is that I already have more than enough concepts that are developed so far that a realization is possible...

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Diploma Thesis and then…

The game project for my diploma thesis: Dream Runner

My diploma thesis is drawing to a close and while I have to devote my whole time on finishing this bastard, I can’t stop thinking about the time after university, when my game-making career finally starts.

Writing about video games (more precisely about the dynamic adaption of the difficulty in a video game) has been a lot of fun, but I can’t wait to leave it behind me and work on my ‘real’ game projects.
The months after the thesis will be very defining for my career, as I still haven’t decided if I will work in a company or try my luck as an indie developer...

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