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SwapQuest Abilities

Today I finished implementing all the abilities. That took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I think it was worth the effort.
To give you an idea, each character class has one specific skill in the beginning of the game and learns two of four additional skills throughout the game. This means every class has 5 different skills and there are 25 skills in total.

The good thing is that each class finally feels different and it’s fun to acquire new abilities. As every ability can be trained and made more powerful, character customization is quite complex.

As a little preview I want to show you two of my favorite skills. They are part of the Trickster class and can be learned when the Trickster turns into the Mage.

The first is the Fireball:

The second is the Ice Lance:

I hope you like...

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Christmas game Santa’s Quest released for PC and Android


To get you in the right mood for Christmas, Rebusmind has released their own Advent calendar in the form of the physics-based platformer Santa’s Quest.


Help Santa find all the presents that are scattered around the world. Jump, roll, fall, and fly through 24 varied levels to collect presents and save Christmas!


Every day one new level is unlocked, so make sure to come back every day. The game is for free and available for PC and Android devices.

You can download the PC version here: Direct Download

The Android version can be found on Google Play.


Rebusmind wishes all our fans a great Christmas season!

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Dot.: First release on Google Play

Yesterday, our first game has been released on Google Play for Android mobile devices.

The game is called Dot. and it’s a fast-paced shooter in the style of other twin-stick shooters. It features fast and intuitive controls, many waves of enemies, and even a strategic component, as you grow when collecting a powerup and shrink when getting hit. The goal of the game is to stay alive for as long as possible and get the highest score.


  • Fast-paced shooting action in the palm of your hands
  • Floods of enemies and bullets everywhere
  • Use your growing and shrinking abilities to your advantage
  • Beat the highscore and climb the online leaderboard

So far the reception of it has been pretty small, as very few people have heard of Dot. or Rebusmind so far...

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