Rebusmind is looking for a 2D artist

For one of our next projects, the collaboration of a skilled 2D artist is necessary.

The project has the working title “Eternal Eden Puzzle Challenge” and is a mix of rpg and puzzle elements.

In the game you play as Noah, who is challenged to climb the 15 floors of the tower of Eden. Each floor has its own distinct characteristics and consists of ten puzzles he has to solve. To spice things up, Noah also has to beat his three competitors, who have the same goal.

In order to solve these puzzles, the player moves Noah through the puzzle environments just like in a typical 2D rpg. He then solves the puzzles by activating switches, pushing stones, jumping over gaps, etc.

Early screenshot with placeholder graphics.

Graphical specs:

We need highly detailed 2D assets for the game. In detail, the following assets are needed:

  • 5 characters (4-directional movement, 3-5 frames per walking cycle)
  • 18 backgrounds (one for each floor of the tower + three for cutscenes)
  • 15 Tilesets (one for each floor)
  • 20-30 objects (things Noah can interact with)

The resolution for the game is 1920x1080px.

Pre alpha footage

If you want to apply, please consider the following facts:

  • We are still a very young and small studio, mostly driven by passion.
  • That said, we are very limited when it comes to our financial possibilities.
  • Of course we want to make money with our games, but to get there, we need to stay focused and concentrate on delivering the best possible experience.
  • We are willing to pay a small wage for the work and cut you in on the profits. The details will be discussed after the application.
  • The estimated release of the game is March 2013.

If you are interested in our work and want to complete our team, please send a detailed application (who you are, what you do) to or use the contact form below. You can also apply for a part of the work (e.g. if you want to design the characters).

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Thank you very much! If you should have any questions, please use the comments section.