ScapeGhost DevLog02 – One last thing before it’s finished

I’m just about to add the last finishing touches to ScapeGhost and I’m at a point where I worked so hard on the game that I’m beginning to doubt whether it’s actually any good. :/

But apart from that, it all seems to come together. My ToDo list is almost empty and I’m planning to submit the final version tomorrow after playing through it one more time, hopefully finishing it 100%.

The last things I added were:

  • A final boss: a giant robot that hunts the player and has three different attacks. The player can only win the battle by throwing its bullets back at it.
  • An intro: it shows how the protagonist lost his head and introduces the prison.
  • More music: finally the awesome soundtrack by André Weiß is complete. The bosses and the intro now have their own tracks and it really adds a lot to the experience.

I have no idea how good the other entries of the competition are, but I do hope that my game can compete with the rest.

Wish me luch, everyone. 🙂