SwapQuest Beta Update

SwapQuest Beta Update

The beta is officially over and I’ve started implementing some of the excellent suggestions I got.

One complaint I often got over the course of the development is that you can’t tell the character to turn around and go the other direction (you can only choose a path when you reach a fork). I was a little afraid, that this might make the player too powerful and that the game would become super easy. But now that I’ve played it for over 20 hours, I think the difficulty lies (and should lie) elsewhere and not in the controls. To get to the point, you can now change directions whenever you stop your character, as you can see below.
Another thing that has been requested multiple times has been added: tapping instead of swiping to choose a direction. Now both works.


The next changes all affect the world map. You can now play the level you have completed before again to get some extra jewels or level your character up some more, should the next level be too difficult. Also bosses now have their own separate level, you don’t have to fight them right after you have finished the level, which should lower the difficulty considerably.


Last, but not least there are now damage numbers when you fight. This might not seem necessary at first, but I think it’s really nice to see how much damage you actually do, especially when you got a new weapon and want to see its effects. What do you think?