SwapQuest Devlog01

Today I want to show you more about the class system in SwapQuest.

In total there will be 5 classes in SwapQuest: the noble, the rogue, the fighter, and two classes that are still a secret. I’ll give you a brief description of the different classes to show their roles in the game and how they influence the way you (can) play the game.

In general, every class has three forms, an initial form that you start the adventure with and two subsequent evolutions.

Let’s start with the most basic ‘beginner’ class.

1. The Noble

Evolution: Noble > Prince/Princess > King/Queen
The noble class is a very balanced class with no big disadvantages, but also nothing it is exceptionally good at. The prince/princess and king/queen evolutions give the class a slight defense bonus, which makes it very suitable for the first playthrough.
The abilities of the noble class include the Royal Instinct, which marks tough enemies with a red aura, Expel, which stops the Horde for a short amount of time, and Last Wish, which gives you a second chance should you die, but only if you are successful in a minigame.

2. The Rogue

Evolution: Rogue > Thief > Ninja
The rogue class is leaning more towards speed than power. The rogue tries everything to stay alive by collecting every item on screen and moving as swiftly as possible. He/She is accompanied by his/her faithful dog, Shadow, whose role is to get items that are too far away to collect.
The abilities of the rogue include Jump, which allows you to get to a new position fast, and Lockpick, which lets you open a chest from afar.

3. The Fighter

Evolution: Fighter > Knight > Paladin
The fighter class is kinda the opposite of the rogue class, with a main emphasis on combat and strength. He/She gets high attack bonuses and also a luck bonus, which increases the probability of evading and critical attacks.
The abilities of the fighter class include Counter Attack, which does just that every time the enemy attack misses, Shout, which deals damage to every enemy and object in a certain area, and Battle Cry, which boosts the attack whenever his/her health is below a certain value.

That’s it for today, but before I finish this update, let me also show you a small effect I recently implemented that I really like, as it is reminiscent of old SNES and PSX games like Secret of Mana or Suikoden.

Leave feedback if you like and have a nice weekend! 🙂