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Welcome to Aventana, a magical kingdom named after the legendary sword Aventuril that has been protecting the land for many centuries. Prince Wilbert and Princess Wilma live a happy and worriless life in the great castle, until one day an ancient evil called ‘the Horde’ appears at the frontier of Aventana, seeking revenge for having been sealed away by the holy sword.
Thus, an exciting adventure through the kingdom begins in quest of finding the long lost sword to protect the land once again.


SwapQuest is a fresh mix of rpg and puzzle elements, combining exploration, looting and fighting of the first with the simplicity and appeal of the last.
Help Wilbert and Wilma find their way through Aventana by building their path, finding shortcuts and training their abilities.

SwapQuest features:

  • Over a dozen different areas to explore
  • Two playable character: Prince Wilbert and Princess Wilma
  • Branching paths and hidden treasures
  • Dozens of different enemies to fight
  • Magic items, side quests, challenges, fierce boss fights, and much more…

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