Hungry for Blocks: new game by Rebusmind released on Google Play

Hungry for Blocks: new game by Rebusmind released on Google Play

After one month of intense work, it is finally finished: the second game for Android devices. titled Hungry for Blocks.

The idea for the game had been in my mind for over two years, when I started working with Game Maker and wrote the first game design attempts for 2D games. I always wanted to make a puzzle game that has a clear set of rules, but doesn’t feel lifeless or artificial. As I was experimenting with different topics revolving around learning AI in games at that time, the idea came to me to combine both approaches. After some heavy refining a puzzle game with a character that has its own personality was born.

The concept was on hold for a very long time, but still I thought about it a lot during the two years and dreamed how it could look and feel.

When it became realistic to start a small company, Hungry for Blocks was one of the first designs on my list due to its simple design and manageable scope. I am very happy that this game finally comes to life on Android, as this platform is perfect for the circular gameplay.

As with Dot., the game can be bought on the Google Play store for 0.79€/0.99$ respectively.


Click here to get to Google Play


There’s also a microsite, which can be found here.

And finally, for those who have questions, problems or just want to talk about our projects, we have a forum that you can find here. We are looking forward to get to know you!

That’s it for the moment, have a great week everyone and don’t forget to try out Hungry for Blocks!