Diploma Thesis and then…

The game project for my diploma thesis: Dream Runner

My diploma thesis is drawing to a close and while I have to devote my whole time on finishing this bastard, I can’t stop thinking about the time after university, when my game-making career finally starts.

Writing about video games (more precisely about the dynamic adaption of the difficulty in a video game) has been a lot of fun, but I can’t wait to leave it behind me and work on my ‘real’ game projects.
The months after the thesis will be very defining for my career, as I still haven’t decided if I will work in a company or try my luck as an indie developer. The safer bet would be to get an employment, as I would have a steady income, but I have so many ideas for games I want to create and with the release of Game Maker Studio there’s a good chance they will find their way onto PC and mobile platforms.

In August there will definitely be some news where Rebusmind will be heading, so stay tuned.